The Short Years

Hey there! I’m Tracey! That’s my husband, Tyler, on the right. We are the creators of The Short Years Baby Book and App! 

We also have the joy of being husband and wife to each other and mommy and daddy to three precious little people, ages 5 and under. 

When I was pregnant with our third child and contemplating how I would ever have time to make him a baby book, it came to me. Moms need a baby book that basically makes itself.  So we created just that.  And we can't wait to share it with you!

A little bit about me… I’m passionate about my faith, my family, and I have a heart for the vulnerable, especially children. I’m a licensed attorney and have practiced adoption law for years.  My guilty pleasures include raw cookie dough and watching the Bachelor.  I enjoy hiking, travel, working out (especially barre classes), listening to podcasts, and family dance parties.

Tyler is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of a software company called Crowd Hub.  He’s also the developer of The Short Years Baby Book App.  He is kinda obsessed with his One Wheel.  He is the life of the party at weddings due to his killer dance moves.  He loves skiing and mountain biking. He has broken a ton of bones because he’s adventurous like that.  He is a man of faith, an incredible daddy (definitely the fun parent), and the sweetest husband.

We hope The Short Years Baby Book and App is a blessing to you and your family as you document your sweet one’s first year!